Class 05

Welcome to our last session!
This week, we are resuming the course.

Do you know the meaning of these expressions?
"paint the town red"
and "a bash"

We have worked with idioms about...
  • Work
  • People
  • Money, and
  • Food

Today is our check up, and the topic is


Below is a text with some of the expressions you have learned.

Join the Party!

Lukaas was one of those kids who lived in different countries all his life. Not that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; his father was a diplomat. So, every four years, the whole family pulled up stakes and headed for the new destination.

Now, as an adult, he was really a junkie for cultural variety. The bottom line for him was "Join the party! No matter who organizes it."

Lukaas lived in Salzburg now, but kept on travelling on a shoestring, since he was a teacher. He actually taught Japanese language and, having lived in Tokyo as a teenager, he made an effort to pass on the salt and pepper of eastern life to his students too. He always talked about customs and festivals.

With his family and friends, he celebrated every holiday available. For the Chinese or the Jewish New Year he organized a dinner with traditional dishes. Lukaas was not a fat cat so somebody usually chipped in.

Occasionally, he was shown the cold shoulder or he found someone who was a party pooper who said "Well, really Halloween - or Mardi Gras, or Valentine - is not a local tradition". "Who cares," was always his answer, "Let's celebrate anyway".

So, all the year round was kosher to do a party. Mexican Independence, Swiss Day, French Revolution, all were great excuses to try different food and learn more about a culture, do something exotic and feel like a million dollars.

Now, try to see if you remember all the meanings with this exercise below.


Choose the best definition for each idiom.

  1. born with a silver spoon in his mouth

    to be easy
    to be rich
    to be hungry
  2. pull up stakes

    to travel
    to work
    to leave
  3. junkie

  4. bottom line

    biggest problem
    high risk
    fundamental issue
  5. on a shoestring

    with little money
    with old shoes
    with enthusiasm
  6. the salt and pepper

    curious facts
    interesting things
    new stuff
  7. fat cat

    someone who enjoys food
    someone who sleeps all day
    someone who has money
  8. chip in

    to give money
    to forget
    to cook something
  9. the cold shoulder

    friendly attitude
    agressive attitude
    despective attitude
  10. party pooper

  11. kosher

  12. feel like a million dollars


Short and sweet! Did you remember most of the definitions?
Well, we have reached the end of the World of idioms now.
Hope you enjoyed the course and sign up for new ones in the future!
The GUESSING GAME answers are : paint the town red means "to celebrate"
and a bash is "a party".

I look forward to hearing from you again,

Your electronic teacher


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