Class 02

Welcome to our second session.
Last week we worked with idiomatic expressions at work.

Do you know the English for : aguafiestas
or chivo expiatorio ?
You'll learn today if you read on.

TODAY the topic is...

Idioms and PEOPLE


Folks, guys, buddies. There are all kinds of names for people in the English world. What are you like? A space cadet, a mamma's boy, a goofy?

Below is a text with popular expressions. Click on the underline words to open a window and read the meanings if you have doubts.

"Welcome To My Condo"

I hate stereotypes but if you saw the guys at my apartment building... It's full of cartoon characters.
On the first floor live a "fat cat". and his "bimbo". They call each other "pumpkin" and "honey".
Then, there's a "hottie" on the second. He's a bit of a "klutz". Once he broke a mayonaise jar on the elevator and made it worse trying to clean it up.
The "lounge lizard" lives on the third. He tries to hit on any woman that passes by. So annoying!
The fourth is the digs of the odd couple: an exercise "junkie" and a "couch potato". He's also our official "party pooper", always complaining about the volume of music and stuff like that.
On the fifth is our "drag queen". For everybody, he is the "fall guy" when there's trouble in the building.
And finally to complete the cast, there's our janitor who's a bit of a "Neanderthal" but a great "Jack of all trades" when anything breaks down.
Me??? Well, I'm on the sixth floor. And of course I'm the "babe"! Hm, actually, I'm more of the computer "geek", but no "dog" at all! Let's make that clear.

Click on "glossary" to see the complete list of idioms and definitions.


How about checking the new expressions with an exercise ?


Who's most likely to say these phrases?. Choose the best character and check your answers at the end.

  1. "Who's the President now?"

    a mamma's boy
    a space cadet
    a lounge lizard
  2. "It doesn't matter what is costs honey, as long as it makes you happy."

    a couch potato
    a party pooper
    a fat cat
  3. "I know you are going to be guilty for that."

    a bimbo
    a fall guy
    a Jack of all trades
  4. "Pass the chips, please. would you like another beer?"

    a couch potato
    a klutz
    a hottie
  5. "Do you come often to this bar?"

    a Neanderthal
    a lounge lizard
    a bimbo
  6. "We could go to the beach on Saturday, but it may rain..."

    a party pooper
    a klutz
    a mamma's boy
  7. "That lipstick works great with your red tee-shirt."

    a hottie
    a drag queen
    a junkie

Well, another class, another week...
It is really a pleasure to have you here with us! Have you answered the GUESSING GAME? The two idioms are: "party pooper" and "fall guy".

Good week for everybody,

Your electronic teacher


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