Class 03

Good morning, afternoon, or evening!
Welcome to our third session.

Do you know the English for : pagar a la romana
or ganarse la lotería ?
These are some of the idioms that we'll explore today...

Buck, gravy, bread and butter, dough... they are all idiomatic expressions to refer to money.

Precisely today is the turn of ...

Money Idioms

Below is a text with popular expressions. Click on the underline words to open a window and read the meanings if you have doubts.

The Wedding Present

James and Andrea are getting married in two weeks.
After "crunching numbers" they decided to throw a fabulous party. Not that they're going to "throw money out the window" but it'll cost them "an arm and a leg" probably. James actually "hit the jackpot" when he was headhunted for that oil company. And I think Andrea "makes ends meet" at the law firm.

Anyway, as this is a time to celebrate a wedding, all their friends have decided to get a nice present. We are going to "chip in" and buy something really nice and special.

Unfortunately, I wasn't "born with a silver spoon in my mouth", but I'm not "flat broke" either. I'll use some of my "nest egg" to get them a great present.

On second thoughts, I'll have to buy myself a new suit. I don't want to look "dirt cheap". Also, there's the stag party, but I guess we're "going Dutch" on that. I'll feel "like a million dollars" anyway, even if I have to go to a "loan shark" to look decent. I can live "on a shoestring" for the following couple of months.

I know I can "bring home the bacon".

Click on "glossary" to see the complete list of idioms and definitions.


And before rounding off our class, here's your exercise :


Choose an idiom at the bottom to replace the expression in the brackets below:

  1. I spent my (savings) on a ticket to the final football game of the season.

    (a) shoestring (b) arm and leg (c) nest egg

  2. My father worked hard all of his life (earning the family living).

    (a) passing the buck (b) crunching numbers (c) bringing home the bacon

  3. I was (out of money) and had to go to the bank for some more.

    (a) crunching numbers (b) flat broke (c) loan shark

  4. Everybody in our class (contributed) some money for the New Year's party.

    (a) felt like a million dollars (b) chipped in (c) crunched numbers

  5. My sister went to Las Vegas and (suddenly won a lot of money) at the casino.

    (a) made ends meet (b) lost her shirt (c) hit the jackpot

  6. The woman with the three children is having a difficult time to (pay her bills).

    (a) make ends meet (b) crunch numbers (c) feel like a million bucks

  7. My sister and her husband paid (much money) for their house.

    (a) a shoestring (b) a loan shark (c) an arm and a leg

Good practice? I think so.
Do you know what the answer to the GUESSING GAME is? Well, here : "go Dutch" and "hit the jackpot".
Hope you enjoyed the class!

Have a nice week,

Your electronic teacher


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