Responding to Reading

Let's analize this story...

Literary Concepts


A first-person point of view is the narration of the story by one of its characters.
The main advantage of a first-person description is that the reader feels closer to the narrator and therefore closer to the events of the story.

A third-person point of view refers to a story being narrated not by a character but by someone outside the story. The narrator uses persons such as he, she, they. There are several variations in this point of view :
In "The End of Something", the narrator does not explain any of the character's feelings or thoughts.
The description of details is purely objective: the setting, the actions, and conversations.

Optional Writing
If you wish to practice your writing, try one of the following options:

  1. Write a letter from Nick to Marjorie, where he tells everything he could not on the beach.
  2. Write a letter from Marjorie to a friend explaining the situation with Nick.
  3. Rewrite one section of the story, using first-person point of view.
  4. Write a brief narrative of the year before the breakup.

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