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Welcome to our second session in the exploration of the literay worlds!

Last week, we read a folk tale and learned the classic analysis of a short story in terms of...

  • C h a r a c t e r s ,
  • P l o t ,
  • S e t t i n g , and
  • T h e m e s . .............

Today we'll learn two new literary concepts and focus on a text impact on the reader, through a different kind of literature.

What do you know?

Edgar Allan Poe is often called the father of the horror story.
What characteristics do such stories have in common? Take a couple of minutes to reflect on this.
See how many elements, in your opinion, should be included in this genre.

Before You Read

Vocabulary and clues

The words below relate to the story that we'll read today. Make sure you know the meanings of all.

a carnival - costumes - a person who wants revenge - a murder plan
an unknowing victim - wine - a cavelike cellar - a long walk
torches - bones - chains - a wall - screams

Expand Your Knowledge

The geographical setting of "The Cask of Amontillado" is Italy during the carnival season. People wear fanciful costumes and masks and participate in celebrations and parades.
The main setting of the story is the catacombs beneath the estate of Montresor, the narrator of the story.
Catacombs are sometime used as cellars, to keep the family's wine collection because of their darkness and coolness.

Now it's time to begin the reading, so take the text from the virtual shelf.

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Welcome back to the main page!

Here is where we round off today's class. Was it too horrific?

If a horror story is not your idea of pleasurable literature, don't worry. This was the only sample in the course.

Hope you stop by this classroom again ...

Best regards for all,

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