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Ok. Let's summarize what we know about this story:


rampion: A Eurasian plant, having clusters of bluish flowers and an edible root used in salads" (The American Heritage Dictionary 1982)

wants a child; also "will die" if she does not have the rampion
wants a child; is willing to do anything to save his wife
lives in house behind the husband and wife; owns the garden; will allow the husband to have rampion if she can have their first born child
child of the couple; raised by the enchantress; known for her long, golden hair
King's son
falls in love with Rapunzel and is "blinded" by that love


A couple that yearns for a child gives up their wish for a woman's greed for salad.
Their child leads a "sheltered" life in a high tower with a foster mother.
Rapunzel accidentally finds out that there exist other creatures called men.
Luckily, it was the king's son who first introduced her to this novelty. Foster mother becomes jealous seeing her darling grow up.
She attempts to cut off access to her daughter, by cutting off Rapunzel's hair.
Then attempts to blind the king's son, but the thorns on the ground below take care of that.
Lost in love he wanders, finally coming upon his common law wife and twin children.
Her tears of joy lift his blindness.

Extranatural time - No specific time period - fairy tales
Ruled by kings - concept of royalty
Magic considered natural
Social class distinctions - rich and poor
Covers many years

Topics discussed

(To identify themes, ask what role each topic plays in the story.)
Love, Desire, Lust
Family relations

Not too difficult of a story. An "oldie", but goodie!

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