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Welcome to a new online course at Lighthouse School! It is really a pleasure to have you here.
First off, let me brief you on the basics...

All along these 6 classes you will:

-Read, read, read!!!
-Develop your vocabulary and grammar structures through various literary samples.
-Challenge your knowledge.


Analysis of Literature (abridged version)

by Professor Ray Saitz

Firstly, we are affected by literature -- we love it, hate it, or are indifferent. This is the total EFFECT.

The MEANING of a work may change as you understand more about it or experience some of what the author has written about.

As you understand more about a work, its meaning will change -- it will have more effect.


When you analyze or look at a work of art, you are trying
to decipher how it achieves its effect or
how did it produce meaning.

Five questions :

  1. What aspects of the story etc. had the greatest impact on me?

  2. What did they seem to be saying? How did they say it? (or what did they make me think that seemed new to me? How did they make me think it?)

  3. How did other aspects of the work support or contribute to my response?

  4. How did these particular aspects help create the work's total effect?

  5. Did anything that I found out later about the work or its author change my feelings about it?

The study of literature is the attempt to understand yourself and your feelings better, and to gain skill in explaining what it is that impresses or disappoints you.

It is an attempt to answer the great question, "why did that work move me?".

After all, literature is just a collection of words.
The difference between dislike and appreciation is often just the matter of understanding yourself, the world around you, and art to a greater extent.

After this introduction, how about a little practice?

Follow the LINK below to explore an "oldie" - a traditional folk story - that you may already know.


Are you back?

Well, we have reached the end of our first class. I hope you liked it and meet us again soon!

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