Sense Verbs

What is the best sense verb to complete the following examples?

VERBS: watch - see - smell - eye - gaze - sound - hear - stare - listen - sight - sight - glance - feel - sniff

Click on VERB to see the answers. There might be more than one option.

  1. Could you ... the milk to see if it has gone wrong?

  2. I was in a hurry this morning, so I only... at the headlines on the newsstand while waiting for the bus.

  3. The sweater ... so soft and warm.

  4. He was with suspicion as if I had broken something.

  5. Astronomers study the sky in hope to ... a new star.

  6. I think they aren't ... to what I'm saying.

  7. She was...into space, probably thinking of something important.

  8. Did you ... that? I believe I ... a noise downstairs.

  9. That music ... terrible.

  10. Two birds are resting on the window sill. ... them eating seeds!

  11. I only ... TV in the evening.

  12. When she saw the famous actor, she couldn't avoid ... at him in astonishment.

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