Active or Passive Voice?

Click on the best option, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

  1. Everybody ___ by the results of the soccer game yesterday.
    was surprised
  2. I ___ at that college since 1995.
    have been teaching
    have been taught
  3. A lot ___ about the new economic plan.
    has said
    has been said
  4. A new book ___ by the association this year.
    will publish
    will be published
  5. He ___ my name on the list.
    is written
  6. The new secretary ___ to everybody at the office.
    was introduced
  7. The project ___ by the directors.
    is being studied
    is studied
  8. A diploma ___ to the winner of the contest.
    will be awarding
    will be awarded

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