Modal Verbs

Fill in the blanks with the right choice. Use capitals when needed.
1. ___ you play tennis or badmington?
a. May
b. Can
c. Have

2. If Betty has a headache, she ___ get some aspirin.
a. has to
b. must
c. should

3. I can't find Noel. He ___ be with Rick, I guess.
a. could
b. mustn't
c. is to

4. Take a coat. It ___ be colder later.
a. has to
b. need
c. might

5. My brother ___ go to hospital yesterday.
a. might
b. had to
c. should

6. You have a cold . You ___ to go to bed.
a. should
b. ought
c. must

7. You ___ touch that key or it'll switch off the machine!
a. must not
b. need not
c. ought not

8. ___ this story be true? I don't believe it.
a. Must
b. May
c. Can

9. ___ we go to the movies or to the theatre tonight?
a. Will
b. Would
c. Shall

10. He looks tired. He ___ have played golf for hours.
a. should
b. must
c. need

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